E- Bicycle rentals near DC in Arlington, Virginia

Welcome to EZ Bike Rides, the DC area’s premier and only provider of Electric Bike Rentals for all of your sight-seeing and local transportation needs. We offer bicycle rentals by the day (24 hours) in Arlington, VA to let you do and see more while visiting or just taking in the local sights around our nation’s capital. At EZ Bike Rides, a division of Hybrid Pedals LLC, we are passionate about the Electric Bike lifestyle and all of the benefits that e-bikes offer to tourists, as well as to people who live in and work in and around the DC region. We are excited about offering our e-bike rentals and look forward to you enjoying taking a ride on one of our e-bikes to check out this new mode of short distance transportation that is the wave of the future — it’s fun, easy, green energy, and you can enjoy cycling without doing the hard work of pedaling or getting all sweaty if you don’t want to! We invite you to take a spin around our website to learn more about what we have to offer and how to book an e-bike rental conveniently online.

If you are staying in a hotel, we offer electric bike delivery and pick-up services to hotels (and homes) in Arlington, VA. If you prefer to pick up the e-bike from our base near the Clarendon Metro in Arlington, please call 202-544-4000 to make the necessary arrangements and we will tell you where to go to pick it up. If you have questions about our rentals or are interested in buying an electric bike from our new Green Rider retail store, please send us a message via our Contact Us page or give us a call directly at 202-544-4000.

Get All the Freedom and Power You Need to Explore the Town – Rent an E-Bike TODAY!


An e-bike or electric bicycle is just another form of bicycle. The only difference between an e-bike and a regular bicycle is that the e-bike has a motor usually on the wheel, along with a throttle and a battery. If you have ever rode on a bicycle, riding an e-bike will be just the same — only much more fun, easy and intuitive. That’s because on an e-bike, you’ll have the option to Pedal-or-Not. When you’re riding it on a flat surface with no resistance, you can pedal and get as much exercise as you want. Then when you reach a hill or incline, just turn on the throttle and the motor will effortlessly carry you up to & over the top. Or if you just get tired from riding and want to coast along effortlessly instead, you can easily do so.

Most American electric bikes are ‘power-on-demand’, with a throttle near the regular gears to control speed which is limited to a safe maximum speed of only 20 mph (regular bike speed). Because of this limitation, they are not motorized vehicles and no special license or training is required to operate them. (European e-bikes, in contrast, are ‘power-assist’ so to activate the motor you first need to pedal.) Experience the comfort, ease, and fun riding of an e-bike — it’s the best way to get around to everything you want to see! Join us and rent an electric bike from EZ Bike Rides today.

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You've got to try an e-bike and experience it for yourself. You’ll never know how much fun or easy they are to ride until you actually get on one and try riding it. It's the best way to travel and beat the traffic around Arlington. Once you try an e-bike, you'll absolutely love it!
Riding an electric bike is just like riding a regular bike, but easier. I came back from my ride grinning from the novelty, if not the thrill of speed. - Adam Martin (New York Magazine - 2/28/13)

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